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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Apps for Investors

posted by: Lindsay in Business, Investor Life

Back in the good old days, men used to invest in real estate without the help of smartphones, walking uphill both ways, in the snow. With wolves. Luckily, REI has come a long way and smartphones make it easier than

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Milwaukee – Up and Coming

posted by: Lindsay in Milwaukee

  One surefire way to investment success is knowing the city you own in has growing potential.  Milwaukee has always enjoyed reasonably property values and a great population, and the advancements being made to our city promises a wealth of

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Renting with a Green Thumb

posted by: Lindsay in Uncategorized

Despite the weather trying to prove otherwise, spring is definitely here. The air is warming, the rain is falling, and for those with a green thumb, it’s business time. But what is a gardener to do if they live in

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