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Apps for Investors

posted by: Lindsay in: Business, Investor Life

Back in the good old days, men used to invest in real estate without the help of smartphones, walking uphill both ways, in the snow. With wolves. Luckily, REI has come a long way and smartphones make it easier than

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PAMPicks – Make Milwaukee Real Estate Work For You

The best part of our business is helping others grow their investment, and we want our clients to have every resource possible. Real estate sales are projected to hit the highest they’ve been since 2006 and here in Milwaukee, we’re

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2016 – Real Estate Keeps Moving Up

The real estate market continues it’s upward crawl amid new housing developments, a coming election, and a constantly evolving workforce. Read on for five consideration that could affect your investments going forward. Walkable Suburbs – Millennials are having families and baby

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