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Property Management

Property Management Services

Performance Asset Management
  • The first 30 minutes of all tenant service calls
  • All tenant calls, email, texts
  • Rent Collection
  • Owner Deposit – No delay fund deposit to owner
  • Monthly record keeping/statements – online owner access
  • Regular “common area” inspections
  • All lease guideline compliance
  • Schedule rent increases
  • Collection of water bills
  • New tenant 60 day inspection
  • Lease renewal
  • Perform backup for tenant task responsibility outlined in lease. (Ex. Lawn care)
  • Collect security deposit and transmit to owner

Maintenance Projects/Repairs

The first 30 minutes solve 90% of problems, the remaining 10% can get expensive. This is why we offer co-op style contractors. Typically the pricing is extraordinarily inexpensive. Some owners have friends and relatives who they prefer to use. Any work performed for any of our clients gets consent before a project is started. We provide the client with a hard cost number for the service to be performed. Any work performed without owner permission is at our expense.


Examples of tenant calls included in monthly fees

  • Plugged Sink
  • Recaulk Bathtub
  • Reapir Leaky Faucets


  • Tenant is responsible for cleaning common areas which are inspected every 60 days ($50 cleaning fee)
  • Tenant is responsible for batteries in smoke alarms, furnace filters, etc. ($50 Charge) Regular inspection
  • Tenant is responsible for snow, leaves, weeds, and grass. Additionally tenant is responsible for their own equipment. We charge the tenant $49 for any of the services above not being performed.
  • There are a few other provisions included in the multiform lease package we use to protect property owners. All of the above mentioned charges are billed to the tenant. These expenses NEVER get passed down to our clients.
  • Execution of the comprehensive lease package.

Direct Deposits

We provide a direct deposit service to the bank or credit union of our client’s choice. This saves time and resources for all. Some clients prefer to pick up their cash and check revenues. Clients have the choice in how they receive their funds. Uniquely we invoice separately from rent collections, thus all bank checks and money orders are in the owner’s name.

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