Rental Property 1031 Exchange Services

Owning rental properties offers consistent income and long-term investment value. But what if you could maximize your portfolio’s potential while deferring capital gains taxes? That’s where PAM’s 1031 Exchange Services comes in.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange allows you to sell an investment property and reinvest the proceeds in a new property of like-kind value, deferring capital gains taxes on the sale. This strategy lets you keep your investment dollars working for you, potentially growing your rental portfolio without immediate tax burdens.

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How PAM Can Help

As your trusted property management partner, we help with comprehensive 1031 Exchange Services to streamline the process and maximize your benefits. Although PAM is NOT the company to house the exchange, we outsource accounting professionals and title companies to execute a smooth and efficient exchange. 

PAM’s expertise comes in with finding the replacement property:


We guide you through every step of finding a replacement property, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.


We leverage our extensive internal network to find suitable replacement properties, this includes current investors and PAM “pocket listings”.



We also scan the open market options using software like Loopnet and MLS databases.


Once the property is secured, we finish the 1031 Exchange process with one of our appointed title companies.

Struggling with 1031 Exchanges? Reach Out Today

Don’t waste time scouring the market. Let PAM help you streamline the 1031 Exchange process and secure a replacement property. Contact us today!

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