7 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Vacancy Rates

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A survey showed that in 2020, leasing properties and marketing vacancies were part of the most demanded property management services by rental owners. Since then, landlords and real estate investors have continued to be on the lookout for well-experienced property management agencies to help them pack their properties with tenants.   The goal of a landlord should […]

The Ultimate Guide to Lease Renewals For Landlords in Milwaukee

The Ultimate Guide to Lease Renewals For Landlords in Milwaukee

As a landlord in Milwaukee, one of your main goals is to get lease renewals from your tenants.   A lease renewal is when your current tenant decides to live in your property for another lease term. This is beneficial to both you and your tenant.   A lease renewal means you don’t have to […]


how to find milwaukee residents

There are a lot of factors that play into a property investor’s success. You can purchase the right properties in the right neighborhoods, but how do you attract the right residents? If you are going to use your time and money to invest in great properties, then you want to make sure you are filling […]


Winter emergency prep in Milwaukee

Last week saw some of the worst weather conditions in recent history. Caught off guard by an increasingly aggressive storm, many people had a dangerous trip home from work or to the store for necessary supplies. Avoid this fearful trip in the future and be prepped for anything with a simple emergency kit and a few […]