Empowering Milwaukee’s Future: The Growing MKE Initiative for Affordable Housing

milwaukee affordable housing initiative

Finding affordable and safe housing is a fundamental concern for many individuals and families in Milwaukee. Fortunately, Milwaukee’s Department of City Development has been working diligently to address this issue through initiatives like “Growing MKE.” In this blog post, we will explore the efforts of the Growing MKE program, which aims to make affordable and […]


mother's day flowers in Milwaukee

Four of Our Favorite Activities for Our Favorite People Mother’s Day at the Milwaukee Public Museum has activities to tire the kids and special treats for moms. Free admission and drawings for local restaurants will give mom a treat, and special activities for kids will tire them out nice and early. Catch Ultimate Dinosaurs before […]


Up and coming areas of Milwaukee

One surefire way to investment success is knowing the city you own in has growing potential.  Milwaukee has always enjoyed reasonably property values and a great population, and the advancements being made to our city promises a wealth of entertainment and educational attractions for any resident. Check out five of the many projects aimed at […]