The Complex Puzzle of Housing Affordability: Unraveling Rent Control

national rent control

In recent years, our nation has been gripped by an escalating housing crisis due to the culmination of decades of policy failures and a persistent lack of government investment in housing solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the issue by driving up housing costs through uncontrollable factors, such as soaring insurance premiums and ever-increasing state […]

Unlocking Wealth with Rental Properties: Tax Advantages Unveiled

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative way to build wealth and secure your financial future. While rental properties offer several benefits, one of the most significant advantages is the favorable tax treatment they receive. Before you know it, tax season will be here, and you should be prepared to pay what you owe […]

Discover the Best Milwaukee Neighborhoods for Rental Property Investment

top milwaukee neighbors to invest in real estate

The Milwaukee area is full of great real estate investment opportunities. Whether you are looking for a long-term rental property or a quick fix-and-flip, there are plenty of areas to find what you’re looking for. From walkable neighborhoods to up-and-coming suburbs, the Milwaukee area has something for every type of real estate investor.  In this […]

Understanding Rental Leases: The Ultimate Guide for Residents and Property Owners

guide to rental leases

Rental leases come in a variety of types and vary in length and terms. The most common types of rental leases are fixed-term leases, month-to-month leases, and sublease agreements. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages for both renters and property owners. This guide will provide an overview of each type of rental lease, […]

Navigating Wisconsin Property Laws: A Guide for Property Owners

wisconsin laws as property owners

Being a property owner comes with a set of legal responsibilities and obligations. Understanding the laws that govern property owner-resident relationships is crucial to ensure a smooth and legal rental process.  In this blog, we will discuss the key Wisconsin laws that property owners need to be aware of, including rental applications, lease termination, and […]

7 Key Qualities to Seek in a Property Manager as a Real Estate Agent

qualities of a property manager

As a real estate agent, managing properties can be a time-consuming task that takes you away from your core business of buying and selling properties. That’s where it may be beneficial to hire a reliable property manager.  A skilled property manager can handle the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and resident management, allowing you to focus on […]

PAM Is My New Wisconsin Property Management Company. Now What?

PAM is my new WI property management company. Now What?

So Performance Asset Management is your new Wisconsin property management company… now what? If you’ve worked with a property manager before, then you may already be familiar with some of the processes, but if not, let us start off by saying, Thank You! Choosing PAM as your management company will be a great decision for […]

What Does Right of Entry Entail

right of entry resources

The right to enter a rental property is an important law for investors, property managers, and residents to understand. Sometimes unbeknownst to residents, property managers have a legal right to enter their rental unit under certain circumstances.  Every resident has the right to enjoy their privacy and refuse entry at certain times, and property managers […]

What to Look for in a Property Management Company

What to looks for in property management company

Property management companies can be a great way to ensure that your rental property is well taken care of, but how do you know which company is right for you? You can’t hire the first company that promises to make you a profit. You need to look around, do your research, and make sure that […]


Pots of plants

Despite the weather trying to prove otherwise, spring is definitely here. The air is warming, the rain is falling, and for those with a green thumb, it’s business time. But what is a gardener to do if they live in a rental with little to no yard? Fear not, there is always a way to […]