Leasing Information

Leasing services in Milwaukee, WI

Leasing Services

  • Professional Photography and Staging Assistance for Advertisement.
  • Rental Blasted to Over 60 Rental Search Destinations.
  • Our Talented Agents Meet and Show Property To Prospective Residents.
  • Full Investigation on All Applicants – Credit, Background, and Eviction Checks plus Reference Follow-Ups.
Learning about leasing services

What do we look for?

  • Net monthly income must be four times posted rent.
  • Must have 36 month verifiable employment or five consecutive years in industry.
  • Verifiable rental history – we check on past 3 residences to verify things like rent payment history and rule compliance.
  • Open records must show no evictions, no convictions, and 36 months with little to no activity.
  • Must show sufficient credit history and a satisfactory score.
Happy leasing clients

Our Good Resident Guarantee

A bad resident will cost between 2000 and 8000 in damage, court fees, moving costs, lost revenue, and headaches. We believe so strongly in our system that we guarantee anyone we chose.

If we pick a lemon, removal and replacement is on us. If you’re having trouble with someone we didn’t choose, we’re happy to recommend some good resources.

Some of the associated fees we will cover:

  • Court Fees
  • Sheriff Fees
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Process Server Fees
  • Movers
  • Finding A New Resident
Saving money

Direct Deposit

We provide a direct deposit service to the bank or credit union of our client’s choice. This saves time and resources for all. Some clients prefer to pick up their cash and check revenues. Clients have the choice in how they receive their funds. Uniquely we invoice separately from rent collections, thus all bank checks and money orders are in the owner’s name