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Property Asset Management (PAM) is a leading property management company in Wisconsin. We provide comprehensive property management services to property owners and investors in Brookfield and the surrounding areas. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, PAM has established a reputation for excellence in property management, delivering high-quality services for all of our investors and residents. 

As an experienced Brookfield property management company, PAM has an in-depth understanding of the local market and can help property owners and investors navigate the legal and regulatory landscape of the area. We can also help you find the right residents for your property, ensuring your rental income is stable and reliable. Our services include everything from tenant screening and leasing to rent collection and maintenance, as well as accounting and financial reporting.

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Partner with PAM

PAM’s team can assist you in maximizing your profits whether you are the owner of a single rental property or a large portfolio of properties. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention to each client.

We offer our residents a modern suite of services, which drives their satisfaction and long-term retention as valued PAM clients. We strive to enhance all services provided to our residents and investors every day. Our management is available via email, phone, and text on the same day. We stand by our 24/7 maintenance and emergency service requests because better service directly translates to better performance. 

We guarantee that PAM is a trusted and reliable partner for investors in Brookfield and the surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services and expertise to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

Our success is aligned with the satisfaction and happiness of all of our clients. When resident clients and investors win, PAM wins.

Brookfield at a Glance

Located just west of Milwaukee, Brookfield is a highly desirable location known for its upscale neighborhoods, excellent schools, and a variety of recreational opportunities. With its proximity to downtown Milwaukee, Brookfield provides residents with easy access to the city, job opportunities, and entertainment options.

The city is home to beautiful parks, such as Fox Brook Park, which offer walking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities for outdoor activities. The Brookfield Square Mall provides a diverse shopping experience with a variety of retail stores and dining options. Additionally, the Brookfield Farmers Market is a popular destination for fresh produce and local products.

Brookfield also offers top-rated schools, making it an attractive choice for families. The Elmbrook School District operates several public schools in the area.

The distance between downtown Milwaukee and Brookfield is approximately 12 miles, making it easily accessible for commuting and enjoying the amenities of the city. Residents can conveniently travel to downtown Milwaukee via I-94, which provides a direct route between the two locations.

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Our Favorite Parks

  • Fox Brook Park: Features a 25-acre man-made lake with a sandy beach & lodging. A one-mile trail encircles the lake that includes three lake viewing areas. 
  • Mound Zion Park: Mound Zion Park is a 49-acre partially developed special community park located in the central portion of the City.
  • Wirth Park: Wirth Park is a fully developed community park with a community-wide service area providing a variety of natural resource and non-resource-oriented facilities. 
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Our Favorite Restaurants

  • Goddess & The Baker: A warm and inviting meeting place where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy a good coffee, sandwich (or salad), and dessert and leave with a smile on their faces.
  • Parkside 23: Parkside 23 prides itself on its New American dining experience with farm-to-table cuisine.
  • Mr. B’s Bartolotta Steakhouse: Mr. B’s. A classic Italian Steakhouse featuring steaks, chops & seafood. The best ingredients & service create an unparalleled dining experience.
  • Cafe Manna: Casual cafe serving eclectic vegetarian eats, organic wine & local beer in an eco-friendly venue.
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Other Favorite Attactions

  • Brookfield Square Mall: Enclosed mall on 1 level with a contemporary vibe, offering trendy restaurants & a movie theater.
  • Brookfield Farmers Market: Saturday morning farmers market in Brookfield Wisconsin. We bring in over 100 local vendors with farm fresh produce, flowers, meats, and bakery.
  • The Corners of Brookfield: Where local meets luxury. A walkable town center where community happens. The Corners of Brookfield was built with the idea of a small town in a big city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brookfield, Wisconsin is located in Waukesha County, in the southeastern part of the state. It is situated approximately 12 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

The population is approximately 38,000 people, based on the latest available data.

Popular attractions in Brookfield include the Brookfield Square Mall and The Corners of Brookfield, which offer a wide range of shopping and dining experiences, as well as various entertainment options.

Brookfield is served by the Elmbrook School District, which offers several public school options. In addition to public schools, Brookfield is home to several private schools that provide alternative education options.

The city features a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and apartments. The housing market provides choices for individuals and families looking for various styles and sizes of homes.

The city is well-connected to major highways, including I-94 and Highway 45, providing convenient access to surrounding areas. Public transportation options, such as buses, are available for commuting within the city and connecting to neighboring communities. Additionally, Brookfield offers several park-and-ride facilities for commuters traveling to downtown Milwaukee, making it easily accessible for residents.

The PAM Promise

“I promise we will screw up. I promise we will take responsibility for screwing up and learn from it. And I promise we are going to do better today than we did yesterday. Our entire PAM fam stands behind that promise.” 

– Jim Miller
Owner of Performance Asset Management