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"Experienced South Milwaukee Property Management"

Property Asset Management (PAM) is Wisconsin’s leading property management company. We provide comprehensive property management services to property owners and investors in South Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, PAM has established a reputation for excellence in property management, delivering high-quality services for all of our investors and residents. 

As an experienced South Milwaukee property management company, PAM has an in-depth understanding of the local market and can help property owners and investors navigate the legal and regulatory landscape of the area. We can also help you find the right residents for your property, ensuring your rental income is stable and reliable. Our services include everything from tenant screening and leasing to rent collection and maintenance, as well as accounting and financial reporting. 

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Partner with PAM

Whether you own a single rental property or a large portfolio of properties, PAM’s team can help you maximize your profits. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention to every client. 

We deliver a modern suite of services to our residents, which drives their satisfaction and long-term retention as valued PAM clients. We strive daily to improve all of the services provided to our residents and investors. Our management can be reached the same day via email, phone, and text. Better service equals better performance, which is why it is essential for us to stand by our 24/7 maintenance and emergency service requests. 

We guarantee that PAM is a trusted and reliable partner for investors in South Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services and expertise to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

When resident clients win, investors win. When both win, PAM wins. Our success is aligned with the happiness and satisfaction of all of our clients. 

South Milwaukee at a Glance

Living in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers residents a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. One of the main attractions of South Milwaukee is its picturesque lakefront. Residents can enjoy the scenic views of Lake Michigan, access to sandy beaches, and recreational activities such as picnicking, fishing, and boating. The lakefront area, including Grant Park and Seven Bridges Trail, offers a serene escape for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

South Milwaukee’s downtown area is a hub of activity and community engagement. It features a mix of local shops, restaurants, and cultural events that unite the community. Residents can explore the unique boutiques, dine in family-owned eateries, and participate in community festivals and events throughout the year.

The South Milwaukee School District offers a range of academic and extracurricular programs. The district’s commitment to education contributes to the overall educational value of the area.

The city is well-connected to major highways, including I-94 and Highway 32, making it easily accessible to neighboring areas and downtown Milwaukee. Public transportation options, such as the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus routes, provide convenient connections for commuters and residents.

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Our Favorite Parks

  • Grant Park/Grant Park Beach: Lakefront park with a beach, 18-hole golf course & hiking trails winding through woods & ravines.
  • Hickory Park: Hickory Park is a city park known for its great children’s football games as well as its playground equipment.
  • Rawson Park: Rawson Park offers various amenities to visitors, including playgrounds for children, picnic areas with tables and grills, open green spaces for recreational activities, and walking paths for strolling and exercising. 
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Our Favorite Restaurants

  • Taco Stop MKE of South Milwaukee: South Milwaukee’s premiere source for authentic Mexican food.
  • Barbiere’s Italian Inn of South Milwaukee: Time-tested trattoria serving familiar dishes in a brick-lined space with a long bar & tin ceiling.
  • South Milwaukee Cafe: South Milwaukee Cafe provides delicious American and Mexican Cuisine to the South Milwaukee, WI area.
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Other Favorite Attactions

  • Cherry Street Botanical Gardens: A botanical garden on Cherry Street flourishing with all different kinds of plants!
  • Bucyrus Museum: The Bucyrus Museum is home to the history of Bucyrus’ world-class earth moving, crane, and drilling equipment. Come on in and see old Milwaukee and the finest engineering history.
  • Seven Bridges trail: The trail will take you through towering trees, winding creeks, and peaceful hideaways, eventually leading to the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • South Milwaukee Downtown Market: Founded in 2009, this is an established street market, home to dozens of vendors selling produce, organics, arts, crafts, baked goods, prepared food, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

South Milwaukee is a city located in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, situated along the western shore of Lake Michigan, just south of Downtown Milwaukee.

The population is around 20,500 residents as of 2021.

The South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center hosts various cultural events, concerts, and theatrical performances. Grant Park, which includes Seven Bridges Trail and the historic South Milwaukee Yacht Club, offers scenic views of Lake Michigan and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city’s downtown area features local shops, restaurants, and community events, fostering a sense of community and providing engaging experiences for residents.

The South Milwaukee School District operates several schools in the area, offering a comprehensive range of academic and extracurricular programs. There are also private school options available, providing additional choices for families seeking alternative educational experiences.

The city features a variety of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Residents can find housing in well-established neighborhoods or newer developments.

The city is well-connected by public transportation, including bus routes operated by the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). Major highways such as I-94 and Highway 32 provide easy access to neighboring areas and downtown Milwaukee. Additionally, South Milwaukee is a walkable community, with many amenities, parks, and schools within a reasonable distance for residents.

The PAM Promise

“I promise we will screw up. I promise we will take responsibility for screwing up and learn from it. And I promise we are going to do better today than we did yesterday. Our entire PAM fam stands behind that promise.” 

– Jim Miller
Owner of Performance Asset Management