Property Maintenance & Repair Services

At PAM, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch repair and maintenance services for our residents and investor’s rental properties. Our goal is to outperform common industry standards, ensuring prompt and high-quality service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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PAM Same Day Service

With the on-demand world we live in, we know that we have to provide services as quickly as possible which is why we offer Same Day Service for close to all maintenance and repair requests. We understand how important it is to the residents, and therefore the investors, that the turnaround time from request to project completion is as quick and seamless as possible.

Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs Process

We understand the urgency of maintenance requests. Our streamlined process ensures a quick response to resident requests.

Resident Submits Request

Residents can easily submit maintenance requests through Property Meld, our user-friendly app. They can even include pictures to provide detailed information about the issue to make sure there is good communication between contractors and residents.

Contractor Response

Contractors are required to respond within 2 hours of the maintenance/repair request being submitted. If not, the request is promptly assigned to another contractor to ensure a timely resolution.

Hotline Assistance

For residents who are unable to submit a maintenance request through Property Meld, our maintenance hotline is available and we can input their requests into PropertyMeld on their behalf.

Real-time Notifications

Residents receive real-time notifications on the progress and completion of their repair or maintenance request through Property Meld to ensure that they are updated frequently and promptly.

Maintenance Contractor Rating System

Here at PAM, we decide to work with 3rd party contractors over having an in-house maintenance team and while we see many benefits in this which you can see below, we also make sure that we’re selecting the best of the best when it comes to the maintenance and repairs of our investor’s properties. 

Rating Scale

  • Price
  • How they treat and communicate with residents
  • The input from our investors from the bills that they receive from contractors
  • The speed at which they complete projects/repairs
  • The amount of information they include on invoices, the more the better

Why Choose 3rd Party Contractors

There are many reasons we see an advantage in working with 3rd party contractors compared to having an in-house maintenance team.

Negotiated Rates

We have negotiated cost-effective rates with our contractors, resulting in savings of 65-70% compared to traditional hiring methods such as Google searching or calling directly.

Unlimited Capacity

Using third-party contractors allows us to handle a limitless number of repair and maintenance requests simultaneously. With only an in-house team, it is easy for them to get overwhelmed and backed up when many maintenance requests are put in at the same time.

Consistently Low Costs

Our strategic approach has enabled us to keep annual repairs and maintenance costs consistently below industry standards, increasing the cash flow you receive as a property investor. We also cover the material costs and all of our contractors have access to the PAM store accounts making these transactions and purchases simple.

Quality Assurance

By maintaining relationships with a network of contractors and aligning ourselves with small business owners, we ensure the highest standard of work, consistently meeting resident and investor expectations.

Maintain Great Local Relationships

We take pride in the relationships we’ve been able to build with local contractors in multiple Wisconsin locations because this allows maintenance requests to be completed quicker by eliminating drive time and increasing the likelihood of utilizing the same contractors for the same properties in the area. We also pay contractors weekly and we’re the first company to do this in the state of Wisconsin.

Rental Property Maintenance Services

Our contractors specialize in a wide range of rental property maintenance services, including but not limited to:

electrical repair fixing light switch

Electrical repairs

pluming repair with orange wrench

Plumbing services

hvac repair man

HVAC maintenance

maintain the property regularly

General repairs and upgrades

Rental Property Preservation and Preparation

Our repairs and maintenance services include standard upgrades and maintenance work as well as renovation services, ensuring that your property remains in top condition, and attracts and retains residents. With this, we also help those investors selling properties make needed repairs or investors buying a new property clean up and repair before getting their property out on the market. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, we can help make the selling or buying of a rental property simpler.

PAM’s Maintenance and Repair Goals

Our main goal when it comes to maintenance and repairs is to keep our residents happy and maintain increased positive cash flow for our investors. We know that the BIGGEST EXPENSE for an investor is having to find new residents and the biggest cause for having to find new residents is slow or bad maintenance and repairs. 

On average, properties 20 years old have about 10-15% of the income going directly back into the property for annual repairs and maintenance, not including CAPEX. We have consistently helped our investors stay below the industry average by having an average of only 8% of income going back into those annual repairs and maintenance because of the relationships and processes we have in place.

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Want to Improve Your Rental Property Maintenance System? PAM is Here to Help

When working with investors we prioritize their rental properties and this means having great resources and systems in place for rental property repairs and maintenance. Reach out today to talk about how we can help with property management for your current and future investments.

Additional Property Maintenance & Repair Resources