Rental Property Renovation Services

Transform your rental property into a profit powerhouse with PAM’s expert renovation services. We’re not just property managers, we’re investment partners dedicated to maximizing your rental potential.

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How PAM Takes Your Rental Property Renovation From Vision to Reality

We believe in working alongside you. Our process is seamless and works to keep you fully involved so you know what’s going on as well as why we recommend certain decisions.

Property Inspection and Scope Creation

We start with a comprehensive property inspection done by the PAM team so that we feel confident in what we’re recommending and the scope created.

Collaborative Meeting

This meeting is to discuss renovations based on your budget and target market. This ensures no inflated estimates or unnecessary work from contractors to keep costs as low as possible while still completing needed renovations.

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Bids to Contractors

After the work needed is agreed upon, we then send bids to multiple contractors that specialize in renovations. With the great relationships we’ve built, we have a rating system for the contractors we work with and also ask for the start/finish dates of the project at hand. This gives you the best idea of who you’re working with and when you can expect the project to wrap up. 

We share our data and discuss with you the work that should be done. We’re not looking to overbuild, we focus on strategic upgrades that deliver the highest possible rent in your specific market following your budget. 

Whether your rental property is classified by PAM as premium, par, or discount, will lock in your rent and renovation matching. 

Contractor Specialization for Efficiency

We understand the difference between repairs and renovations. We categorize our contractors depending on the job to ensure smooth workflows, minimize disruptions, and maximize efficiency. Our network of over 75 pre-vetted contractors spans across three counties, ensuring you get the best talent for your specific location. 

In the realm of maintenance, you want fast and professional work. In the realm of renovations, you want fast, professional, and cost-effective work. Essentially, we have a group of contractors that just do repairs and then an entirely different group of contractors that do projects.

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Ready to Unlock Your Rental Property’s True Potential?

Contact PAM today and let our renovation expertise, connections with specialized contractors, and years of experience in the property management industry help you increase the cash flow you’re receiving from your rental property today.

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