Resident Eviction Services

At PAM, we understand the importance of consistent rental property income for our investors. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping your properties occupied which means minimizing unnecessary vacancies and evictions.

While evictions are sometimes unavoidable, they’re never our first choice. We believe in proactive, relationship-based property management, and it shows. With a recent eviction rate of less than 1%, we’re proud to be among the industry leaders in keeping residents happy. This lets us be transparent about how we try to prioritize satisfaction and reduce evictions. 

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Typical Reasons for Evictions

Non-payment of rent

Unfortunately, the most common reason for eviction is when rent goes unpaid. While we thoroughly screen residents to ensure their financial stability, unexpected life events happen.

Lease violations

While this is a much less common issue we deal with, major lease violations, such as rental property damage or illegal activity, can also lead to eviction.

PAM’s Strategies for Avoiding Evictions

Our professional and responsive team is trained to work with residents to address concerns early on and avoid escalation. We work with residents facing temporary difficulties to find solutions that keep them housed. This could involve payment plans or assistance with finding resources.

We do everything in our power to remedy eviction. If an eviction is necessary, we keep everyone informed throughout the eviction process, ensuring understanding and cooperation.

In those rare cases where rent remains unpaid and communication has been slow, these are the strategies we attempt to remedy eviction: 

  • Five-Day Notice: We provide residents with a clear five-day notice to address the overdue rent, giving them a chance to catch up.
  • Multiple Communication Attempts: Our team actively attempts to reach residents through phone calls, emails, and even personal visits to ensure they’ve received the notice and understand the situation. We give up to 3 attempts knocking on their door.
  • Cash for Keys: Rather than going through the lengthy and costly eviction process, we offer a “cash for keys” option. This incentivizes residents to vacate the property by a specified date and leave it in good condition, while minimizing hassle and lost rent for our investors.

Investing in Relationships, Securing Your Income

At PAM, we believe that strong relationships are the key to successful rental property management. By prioritizing clear communication, proactive support, and flexible solutions, we minimize evictions and keep your rental property income flowing.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Contact PAM today to learn more about how we can maximize your investment property’s potential and ensure stable, long-term income.

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