Resident Placement Services

At PAM we know that resident placement can be the difference between a true cashflow investment and a rental property that is more of a headache. That’s why we take our resident placement services extremely seriously with a multi-step process, in-depth checks, and move-in resources to help find the best residents for your property. We are the only company in Wisconsin that backs our resident placement forever. 

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Resident Placement Fee

Your rental property’s first month’s rent is all that’s charged for us to find you a quality resident and achieve top-market rent rates. In addition, our Milwaukee property management services also include:

  • Advertising your property to 30+ online resources
  • Showing your property to pre-qualified prospects
  • Resident screening with income, credit, and background checks
  • Use of our proven, expert lease agreement

PAM’s Resident Placement Screening

We believe in working alongside you. Our process is seamless and works to keep you fully involved so you know what’s going on as well as why we recommend certain decisions.

Triple Tie-Down Verification

Our resident screening process involves triple tie-down verification, connecting identification to pay stubs and tax returns. We verify income and rent payments of the last 24 months through 3rd party platforms such as Cash App or Venmo, ensuring a reliable and comprehensive assessment of each applicant’s financial stability. This approach helps us make informed decisions based on established human behavior.

Resident Employment Verification

We want to make sure that the residents we’re placing have a stable income that will have us confident in their ability to stay on top of rent payments. We want to see recent job history and prefer to see long-term employment that is current. We do allow for job changes but want to see it within the same industry.

Resident Background Checks

Background checks are a part of our resident placement process that we take extremely seriously. We first go through the local CCAP System and perform searches based on all variations of their name(s). We also have access to a national criminal check and national eviction check that we run on anyone who applies with PAM.

Property Management You Can Trust with Performance Asset Management

Providing our owners with the world-class service while finding amazing, accountable residents is what we pride ourselves on. Take it from one of the great owners who work with Performance Asset Management.

How Performance Asset Management Finds Great Residents

Resident Move-In Resources

PAM has two specific resources that are given to each resident upon a rental agreement being signed.

Propertyware Account

When someone becomes a resident at PAM, we set them up in our online portal. After emailing them a link from Propertyware to set up their account, the resident will have 24 hours to activate their profile and set a password using a desktop or laptop device. Upon a resident setting an account up, they can use their phone or tablet to log in. Once they have set up your online portal, they can log in by going to and clicking the “Resident Login” tab at the top. Click “Resident Login” again and proceed to input their login information.

Check-In Form Fill Out

When a resident moves into a new apartment, they will be emailed a check-in form. Use this form to record any damages or maintenance issues that are present upon them moving in. This ensures that we have documentation of this and will not charge them for any of these damages when they move out. This check-in form should be returned to the office via email within 7 days after moving in.

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Resident Red Flags

Although we do our best to select the best possible resident for your property, there are a few common occurrences that we’ve seen in poor resident behavior. One is if they’ve been living with a family member for a longer period of time as this does not give us a great understanding of their rental history/behavior. The second is if they have a big gap in their rental history as it again does not allow us to see the historical behavior they have when renting.

Common Questions and Topics


With the recent change in federal guidelines around ESA animals, we no longer are able to say no to ESA animals. The resident must have the correct ESA documentation. 

Past Struggles

If a resident has had a very brief bad rental experience, we want to understand what the situation was before moving forward. We want to see that the courts have gone back and verified that the resident made the relationship full before moving forward. 

Struggling to Find Great Residents? Work With PAM Today

At PAM, we go above and beyond to ensure a positive and lasting resident experience. Contact us today to learn more about our resident placement services and how we can add value to your rental property.

Additional Resident Placement Resources