Comprehensive Guide for Navigating Wisconsin Investor-Resident Laws

landlord-tenant laws in wisconsin

What to Know About Wisconsin Investor-Resident Laws *Investor-Resident Relations in Wisconsin are regulated by Wis. Stat. ch. 704, and Wis. Adm. Code ch. ATCP 134. Wisconsin investor-resident Laws govern the rights and responsibilities of both investors and residents in the state, providing a legal framework to ensure fair and lawful interactions between the two parties. […]

Wisconsin Housing Market Forecast 2024: Trends, Predictions, and Key Insights

The Wisconsin housing market is no stranger to change and fluctuations as we see the same housing patterns across the nation. As we approach 2024, many potential homebuyers and sellers are eager to know what the future holds. While no crystal ball can provide a perfect prediction, we can analyze current trends and historical data […]

PAM Is My New Wisconsin Property Management Company. Now What?

PAM is my new WI property management company. Now What?

So Performance Asset Management is your new Wisconsin property management company… now what? If you’ve worked with a property manager before, then you may already be familiar with some of the processes, but if not, let us start off by saying, Thank You! Choosing PAM as your management company will be a great decision for […]

Difference Between PAM and the Industry

Difference Between Pam and the Industry

At PAM we take pride in being a top-rated property management company in Milwaukee.  We offer full-service property management and premier customer service. How did we become one of the top-rated property management companies in the area? PAM does a few things differently than the rest of the industry that puts us above and beyond […]


reasons your rental property isn't making you money in Milwaukee

When you first bought your rental property in Milwaukee, you were excited to add some extra income to your life. However, now that you’ve purchased your property and leased it, you realize you aren’t generating as much profit as you thought you would. You spent hours crunching the numbers and searching for the perfect property. […]