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Back in the good old days, men used to invest in real estate without the help of smartphones, walking uphill both ways, in the snow. With wolves.

Luckily, REI has come a long way and smartphones make it easier than ever to find, research, buy, manage, and sell properties. I sat down with Jim, who is never far from his iPhone, to find out what apps help him manage his hectic day. Even if your primary business is not REI, you’re sure to find good use in a few of these.

BP APPBiggerPockets

The wisdom of a thousand seasoned investors is at your fingertips. Search the forums or ask a new question, and don’t forget to post what you’ve learned. Podcasts are perfect for long car rides and every membership comes with a free Beginners EBook. Find us here- we’d love to chat!


scannable app iconScannable

The idea is digitized storage of documents. Scannable is an iOS only app that easily scans text data and shares to a variety of locations. It’s optimized for documents- you shouldn’t have to do much color correction, but it’s not going to give you good scans of photographs. This handy app integrates easily with the cloud, some social media sites, and many iOS programs. BONUS: Scan business cards to import the data directly to LinkedIn. Nice.

Evernote LogoEvernote

Parent of the app above, Evernote is your catchall for everything you don’t want to lose. Leases, contracts, receipts, lists, articles, and notes stay safe and secure, synced between all of your devices and backed up automatically. Scan a favorite recipe or an all-important boarding pass, record a brilliant thought, or save an entire web page with one click. If you like hardworking apps that do it all, you need Evernote.

google search appGoogle

It’s almost a given at this point, but our continued dependence on this vast network of resources earns it a place on our list. Lost a manual for a stove? Look it up. Need to know the average water usage rates for a particular municipality? Google it. Craving pizza from that place on Vliet but don’t remember the name? Google “amazing pizza plaef on vliet with the purple awning.” and then go forth and conquer.

Google Maps LogoGoogle Maps

Google Maps gets you where you need to go, quickly and easily. Time is a moguls most valuable resource, and cutting five minutes off a drive here and there adds up quickly. Save addresses for future reference or drop a pin by that awesome owner sale you happen upon, or just make a note to check out that great little bar you’ve just found.


MLS_RealtorLogoMLS Apps

Recently re-branded as WI Listings, this app allows you to search properties by location, price, property type and more. Property information, open houses, and photos are at your fingertips, and contacting an owner or realtor is only a few clicks away. This app is exclusive for members of Metro MLS, so sign up if you haven’t already.

If that’s too much of an investment for you right now, check out PAMPicks, our curated list of local properties available now. Or just email us – we’d love to match you up with properties that fit your needs and goals.


Find, share, and sign real estate documents faster with this handy tool. Department of Safety and Professional Service-approved real estate forms,WRA-related forms and select State Bar forms are all available on zipForm. The easy integration with mobile device and sharing programs make this the best friend of anyone who buys, sells, or manages properties remotely.

propertyware-logoPropertyWare Mobile

Manage your investments from literally anywhere with a smartphone and the internet. Build properties into portfolios and access building, leases, maintenance, and to-do lists at your convenience. Take photos of a property with your phone and upload them immediately to a listing. All tenant and owner financials stay organized and safe in one place, easily searchable by any number of filters. Profiles for owners and tenants allow easy communication, real-time service requests, and track-able work orders.


The best part about being a real estate investor is that it’s such a relaxing hobby, isn’t it?

Right, not so much. At any given time, you’ll be doing five to ten things at once. Since this is a really good way for things to slip throuigh the cracks, GoTasks is Google’s free iOS To-Do list savior. Multiple lists allow for organization of every factor of your life, color coordinated and easy to search. Appointments, reminders, recommendations, and notes are kept in one place, and with an easily readable icon, you’ll never forget an appointment again.

These nine apps create a mobile office that lets you get where you need to go, on time and fully prepared. Is your favorite app missing from the list? Tell us what is it and how it makes your life better, and we’ll put you in a future post. Happy Apping!

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