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Property Asset Management (PAM) is a leading property management company in Wisconsin. We provide comprehensive property management services to property owners and investors in Walker’s Point and the surrounding areas. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, PAM has established a reputation for excellence in property management, delivering high-quality services for all of our investors and residents. 

As an experienced Walker’s Point property management company, PAM has an in-depth understanding of the local market and can help property owners and investors navigate the legal and regulatory landscape of the area. We can also help you find the right residents for your property, ensuring your rental income is stable and reliable. Our services include everything from tenant screening and leasing to rent collection and maintenance, as well as accounting and financial reporting.

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Partner with PAM

Whether you own a single rental property or a large portfolio of properties, PAM’s team can help you maximize your profits. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention to every client. 

We deliver a modern suite of services to our residents, which drives their satisfaction and long-term retention as valued PAM clients. We strive daily to improve all of the services provided to our residents and investors. Our management can be reached the same day via email, phone, and text. Better service equals better performance, which is why we stand by our 24/7 maintenance and emergency service requests. 

We guarantee that PAM is a trusted and reliable partner for investors in Riverwest and the surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services and expertise to help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

When resident clients win, investors win. When both win, PAM wins. Our success is aligned with the happiness and satisfaction of all of our clients. 

Walker's Point at a Glance

Living in Walker’s Point offers residents an exciting urban experience in one of Milwaukee’s dynamic and rapidly evolving neighborhoods. Situated just south of Downtown Milwaukee, Walker’s Point is a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and creativity.

One of the main attractions of Walker’s Point is its vibrant food and beverage scene. The neighborhood is home to a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and breweries that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The area’s craft breweries and distilleries add to the unique character of Walker’s Point, offering a variety of locally made libations.

Additionally, Walker’s Point is known for its vibrant arts and creative community. The neighborhood is home to art galleries, studios, and creative spaces that showcase the talents of local artists. Residents can explore the arts through gallery exhibits, live performances, and cultural events that reflect the neighborhood’s vivacious spirit.

Walker’s Point’s urban housing is filled with beautifully restored historic buildings and modern developments, creating an appealing blend of old and new. The neighborhood’s industrial past has been repurposed into trendy lofts, apartments, and mixed-use spaces that attract residents seeking a mix of history and contemporary living. This architectural diversity adds to the neighborhood’s charm and appeal.

The area’s proximity to Downtown Milwaukee and the Third Ward enhances its desirability. Walker’s Point is easily accessible by public transportation, with bus routes connecting it to other parts of the city. The neighborhood’s walkability and bike-friendliness make it convenient for residents to navigate the streets and explore nearby attractions.

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Our Favorite Parks

  • Paliafito Eco-Arts Park: A half-acre city-owned neighborhood park transformed into an outdoor eco-arts center for all to enjoy.
  • Walker Square Park: This neighborhood park has a playground & wading pool and it also hosts great events, such as a farmer’s market.
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Our Favorite Restaurants

  • Zocalo Food Park: Hip destination with food vendors doling out global street foods & craft cocktails, plus live music.
  • Café India: A contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all the aspects of fine Indian cuisine: wine selection, service, ambience and atmosphere.
  • Movida: Experience the food and drink of Spain at Movida located inside Milwaukee’s historic Hotel Madrid. Movida features a variety of traditional tapas, paellas, and sangrias.
  • Toast: Hip spot for American daytime eats with coffee, beer & bloody marys, plus seasonal outdoor seating.
  • Iron Horse Hotel: The Iron Horse Hotel offers many Milwaukee restaurants options. Try their American cuisine at Ash or bar food and craft cocktails at Branded.
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Other Favorite Attactions

  • National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum: A museum providing access to the world’s largest collection of Bobbleheads, to advance an understanding of the historical role Bobbleheads play in American culture, and to celebrate the fun and quirky side of collecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Walker’s Point, Wisconsin is a neighborhood located just south of Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The population of Walker’s Point is part of the larger population of Milwaukee, which was estimated to be around 590,000 residents as of September 2021.

Walker’s Point, Wisconsin has several popular attractions that reflect the neighborhood’s vibrant character. The area is known for its vibrant food and beverage scene, with numerous restaurants, bars, and breweries that cater to diverse tastes. Residents and visitors can savor a variety of cuisines and locally crafted beverages. The neighborhood’s artistic spirit is reflected in its art galleries, studios, and creative spaces that showcase the talents of local artists.

There are several schools near Walker’s Point, providing educational opportunities for students. Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) operates several schools in the area, offering a range of academic programs and extracurricular activities.

Housing options in Walker’s Point, Wisconsin offer a mix of residential styles. The neighborhood features a diverse range of housing types, including historic homes, modern apartments, and loft-style condominiums. Furthermore,  Walker’s Point’s industrial past has led to the conversion of historic buildings into trendy living spaces.

Transportation in Walker’s Point, Wisconsin is accessible and convenient. The neighborhood is well-connected to Downtown Milwaukee and other areas through public transportation, including bus routes operated by the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). Residents can easily commute to nearby locations and explore the city using these transportation options.

The PAM Promise

“I promise we will screw up. I promise we will take responsibility for screwing up and learn from it. And I promise we are going to do better today than we did yesterday. Our entire PAM fam stands behind that promise.” 

– Jim Miller
Owner of Performance Asset Management